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Extending Unity with Editor Scripting

Collaborator as Technical Reviewer for the published book “Extending Unity with Editor Scripting”


Company: [PACKT] Publishing
Job title: Technical Reviewer, Unity Developer
Period: Apr. 2015 – July 2015

Technogies: Unity3d + Unity Editor + C# + Open Office

This book is designed to cover all the basic concepts of Unity editor scripting using a functional platformer video game that requires workflow improvement.

One of Unity’s most powerful features is the extensible editor it has. With editor scripting, it is possible to extend or create functionalities to make video game development easier. For a Unity developer, this is an important topic to know and understand because adapting Unity editor scripting to video games saves a great deal of time and resources.

Responsible for:

  • Check that all the information and code in the book is accurate and works correctly.
  • Suggest changes to improve the technical solution shown and the usability of the information
  • Rate each chapter according to several aspects




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