Toy Rescue

Toy Rescue (Game)

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This is a Personal Project

Job title: Game Developer Artist and Designer

Period: Mar. 2015 – April 2015

Technologies: Unity2D + C# + Unity Editor + new UI + CrossPlatformInput

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web

Personal project I am developing in my spare time. This first version took me less than a week.

It is a simple puzzle multi-platform game for android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Web with cross platform inputs.

Well the first thing is that this game is base in “Panda Jam Game”, but I change the theme and the name of the game for Toys Rescue. So in this game a bad boy put the toys (tennis balls, basket balls and/or footballs) of the good guy on top of a toy block wall. And you task is rescue this toys removing the blocks to down the toys. But the bad boy is going to put more rows of blocks with the time. Touching the bad guy will create a new row too.

The block with special features are the next:

  • Balls are the goal of the game, you have to put all of them down.
  • Stars, you need to get at least one star to pass the level.
  • Ice, you have to destroy this block two times.
  • Bombs, destroy a bunch of blocks
  • Rocket, destroy a column
  • RaceCar, destroy a Row
  • Spinning Top, rotate an area of 9 blocks clockwise.

Other details:

For this game I also created  a tool with Unity Editor to automatize the creation of new levels.

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-23 a las 13.05.23

Also I use the Single Responsibility principle for the design of the block components. So each component (class) does its own little task and if you want to change one of the task you do not have to change the others.

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-15 a las 18.13.11

Responsible for:

• All the Game play, UI development and Level creation tool.

• Environment and UI artist design.

State: In development.